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With that as background, I was clicking through the website of one of our largest competitors when I was struck that I was looking at classic 1960s-style advertising.

This consumer skepticism has changed the face of good marketing.

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APAs were a way for widely distributed groups of people to discuss a common interest together in a single forum before the advent of electronic bulletin boards or the Internet.

By Greg Harris The TV series Mad Men does a great job of capturing the golden era of advertising. While not bias free, I'll give a friendly poke and prod to my competitor and try to offer my best advice to anyone who wants to advertise in the 21st century.

History books characterize the 60s as a time when consumers eagerly devoured every claim an advertiser served up. The website reads, "Simply stated, we provide the customer with the absolute best service possible." Wow, that's a strong statement for an electronics distributor.

“A lot of people want to get involved in sharing music over the Internet,” suggests Nik Miskov, who heads business development on the London-based site, currently in beta.

“But when they’re getting started, they realize that there are a lot of added costs involved.

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