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I love working with such a dynamic, experienced team, and I just know together, we are going to build one of the strongest firms in the country. In all honesty, I shy away from questions like this one, but if I really give it some thought, I would probably say the Kennedy Center.Additionally, I am the Founder & CEO of Ladies America, a national network of professional women. DC is great for ANYONE because it is laced with opportunity, access to extraordinarily intelligent people in every corner, no shortage of events, black tie galas, art shows, runs, philanthropic opportunities and just a general feeling that being in the nation’s capital somehow — matters. I like to dress up for an occasion, love live dance and theater, and find the Kennedy Center to have a grand mystic to it that feels enchanting and regal.

Truth be told, mama’s boys can be attentive, nurturing, and respectful, or they can be your worst nightmare: childish, needy, and neglectful.Just remember that you’re his partner, his fiancee, his wife, et cetera — not her — and you’re always there for him when his mom isn’t.The fact is that your man might get in fights with his mom about you, or you and she might express concerns about him, and eventually, you and your partner will fight about her always getting in the way of your relationship.We have events occurring in cities around the country, focus on specific initiatives and host an annual women’s conference called “Women Leading the Future.” My passion for seeing women excel coupled with my political background working for members of Congress and my craft in public relations, makes for a very exciting and fulfilling endeavor. All that said, I love a good Irish Pub, the 930 Club, and any place where a hardworking lady can let her hair down a little.The sad truth is, domestic violence is a big problem in Porter County and throughout the state of Indiana.

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