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3DXChat game design is elegant, intuitive and easy to use.In addition the interactive sex game launches with a simple to understand tutorial that walks you through various aspects of game settings and play.Move your mouse over either to adjust your chat settings.

I'm not sure if they will create a entirely different online game or just make a new version of sl.

BODY: 5 nipples 5 pubes hand and foot nail colors 12 skin colors HEAD: 10 hairtstyles various colors 4 hats glasses & masks 3 necklaces 5 collars CLOTHES: top wear bottom wear (mini skirt, short jeans and regular jeans with various colors) 8 dresses (including 1 blue miniskirt police uniform and 1 S&M outfit) 5 bras 6 panties 9 stockings (1 fishnet garter, knee socks) 10 shoes (all heels, 3 boots) There are two places for you to decorate with Home Editor for Home 1 and Home 2, which are bascially two big rooms: one with a pool outdoors and the other one just a regular penthouse apartment. So what, you MIGHT be talking to a guy who is playing a women online... If you did, then who cares about their actual gender IRL since you actually got your rocks off? They will not ever tell you their true gender so you will never know.

It's pretty similar to Sims editor - delete or pick and place furniture around the room (floor lamps, beds, sofas, TV that actually plays porn like in SL, music player, chairs, tables, ferns, a dancing pole etc). If you press the MAP icon, you got these options from the list to visit: Home 1 Home 2 Night club Beach Sin club Yacht Love Island User created rooms you can visit Currently there are 21 sex positions and you can have sex wherever you like. Does that potential fear prevent you from enjoying yourself, if it does then you have some soul searching to understand why... It has good potential and could, with proper development, be quite good. There's not much to do but hump dudes playing as female avatars.

Since I prefer playing as a female I still like single player games better though.

Way too many people on these kind of games who confuze it with edarling or something, if I would like to hook up irl I would just go to a club.

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