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“Taste-test” tons of different man candidates (Mandidates! Never judge too early, and always step out of your comfort zone and you might be pleasantly surprised, or maybe not so much, but at least learned something and had fun doing it, right?!?!

Tristan teams up with her good guy friend, Todd Johnson, to give us a “guys-eye view” on dating, with blocks of advice throughout the entire book.

I chatted with Tristan and will be sharing her insight with you over the next couple of days. MENu daters believe that there's really no such thing as a bad date and employ the practice of feasting on a choice of delectable guys, which in the book I call manidates — man/candidates.

Through that they learn about who they are, what they need in a relationship.

Menu Dating includes innovative new strategies for:*Cleansing your palette by throwing out your stale dating philosophies and flirting phobias*Adopting the laidback, positive attitude of someone who knows there's no such thing as a bad date— just a veritable tapas bar of flavorful experiences and lessons.*Collecting and taste testing tons of different man candidates (mandidates!

)…even the ones you thought you'd never date*Sexcapading, booty calling and practicing the art of the one-night stand (and yes, every girl should have at least one)*Avoiding the pitfalls and pratfalls of dating multiple men at the same time Menu Dating will show you how dating a rotating roster of different men without a fixation on settling down is actually the secret to finding the relationship you deserve. .jumping aboard the MENu Dating program MENU DATING IS THE practice of dating in small bites with great abundance, great purpose, and great variety. “MENu Dating is great and inspiring--it's refreshing to have a dating book that concentrates on what women should do for themselves as much as what they should do for men.” —Joanna Goddard, Glamour“MENu Dating is a must-read for singles.

Another friend of mine gave it to a girl friend of hers who was very shy and inexperienced with dating (at the age of 33! The result was a lot of learning on her part and a lot of fun for us to hear her stories of great, good, bad, and awful dates.You'll discern your wants from your needs, your nice-to-haves from your mention, have some seriously delicious fun along the way to meeting your "main course" man. It’s a wonderful reminder that the road to happily ever after can be an adventure -- especially when you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do some taste testing along the way.” —Melissa Braverman, Examiner“For those of you who are looking for a relationship (guys, this means you, too), I think this is a great idea!Look at life—and dating—as one big buffet.” —Amy Spencer, Author of Meeting your Half Orange TRISTAN COOPERSMITH and TODD JOHNSON have been best friends since they were eight.” Oh, how I wish I would have had this advice when I was still single.Tristan on dating; “I love dating for the natural adventure that it is.

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