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With an upcoming hockey game against the rival "preps", led by the aggressive and arrogant Blane, Wiley and subsequently Mitchell are asked to fill-in for two students, who are caught putting a laxative into one of their teacher's coffee (never shown in the film).Mitchell inadvertently scores a goal for the preps, cementing his disdain by the hockey players, and in particular Jack, who proceeds to tackle Mitchell while still on the ice, concussing him and leaving him unconscious for what appears to be hours.Over the course of the next few weeks, Mitchell and Wiley are harassed relentlessly, but one bright spot comes in the form of a girl named Nikki (Powell), who Mitchell falls in love with, and she seems to reciprocate.OXFORD, Ohio-With the start of a new school year, Oxford and the Miami campus are abuzz with excitement. A record number of skaters are slated to try out this year.Also quickly approaching is tryouts week for the Miami University synchronized skating teams Aug. Approximately 75 skaters will be vying for a spot on the 52-member roster comprised of the three teams: senior, collegiate and junior.

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The High Performance summer camps listed below are strongly recommended for all International Selection Pool (ISP) and Athlete High Performance Development Pool (AHPDP) athletes.

It is strongly recommended that coaches of an ISP athlete assigned to or being considered for a Junior Grand Prix Series or Challenger Series event attend one camp with their athlete(s).

Champs Camp Date: August 19-23, 2017Location: Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center/World Arena*Attended by athletes assigned to a 2017 Grand Prix Series Event. Athletes perform their short program and free skate programs (ice dancing teams: short and free dances) in a simulated competition environment.

"We have a large, accomplished group of athletes trying out for the teams this year.

It is going to be a tough tryout, but when all is said and done, I firmly believe that all three of our teams are poised to be some of the best we've ever had. Championships and seized the prestigious Professional Skaters Association "Best Performance Award" for its short program to "Blue Suede Shoes".

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