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There is no better way to woo on a budget without your newest admirer ever suspecting.The most extravagant date in the world can’t beat a blissful afternoon in beautiful surroundings, really getting to know that special someone.Sand is most commonly made up of quartz (a form of silica) and other silicate minerals, such as feldspar and garnet, as well as bits of broken shell and coral, gypsum, volcanic glass, basalt, and other minerals.If you want to get an idea of the vast variety of types of sand, have a look at this superb Sandatlas site by Simm Sepp for lots of lovely pictures of many different types of beautiful sand.If you need some inspiration, here is my pick of the UK’s most romantic picnic spots.London Don’t head for the most obvious destinations like Hyde or Green Park.They left their friends and they left their community."They moved to Ainsdale, where on the dunes, Harry Catterick, the one Everton manager whose record compares to Kendall's, would oversee pre-season training, watching from his Rover.Compared with Bill Shankly, who has been the subject of plays and novels, Catterick, his contemporary across Stanley Park, remains a shadowy, sometimes repulsive figure."You quickened your pace when you saw him. The people he employed, his coaching staff didn't like him.

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There is a photograph of Ferry and Kendall as part of the Washington Grammar School team of 1957-58.

Alan Randall was born June 10, 1934 in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

He claimed that he had been a fan of George Formby since he was three years old, when his parents had bought a radiogram.

Howard Kendall, the greatest Evertonian of them all, is sitting at a bar, sipping coffee, contemplating the kind of thoughts people have when they have condensed their lives between the cover of a book. The marriage comprises the 17 years he spent in four different spells with Everton.

The affairs took him to Bilbao, Manchester City and Sheffield United, and ended messily, as affairs tend to, in Greece. Kendall is 67 now, long consigned to Everton's past, but things happened to him young.

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