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Apart from their functional role, bells have served as decorative devices throughout the ages, and continue to be popular as harness embellishments to the present day.

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The "essays" provide little more information than could easily be found with a quick google search.

Two and a half pages representing 27 marks with minimum information on any of them.

Bells are one of a very small number of artefacts that have been in virtually continuous production for over 4000 years.

) The text accompanying the illustrations provides self-evident descriptions such as "bowl with flying birds" but omits really useful information like dates. The Imari section of the book shows examples of both Arita and Daishoji Imari (Kutani) wares but makes no distinction between them. This is the laziest, most useless excuse for a book I have ever encountered. The exquisite photos of different and varied pieces of porcelain and pottery give the reader not only an appreciation of what he has but also information on items he loves but has no idea what they are.

Also,the page devoted to kiln marks is far inferior to what can be found on the website for free. That said, after looking through the book I discovered I had a valuable pitcher that I had always treasured but didn't know if it was old, valuable, or special.

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